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» Convert your book to e-reader formats

» Proofread and make corrections
» Test e-reader navigation functions
» Enhance images and add additional graphics

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Our latest e-book conversion project is now available on Amazon. It was great getting to know and work with the author Ellen Goldberg.  

Based on Ellen's 1982 journal, “Finding a Bride and Other Adventures of a Jewish Mother in India” is the heart-warming, sometimes humorous account of what happens when a young company comptroller, Umesh “Mike” Jain, asks Ellen, the owner of the company, to help him search for a suitable marriage partner in India, a quest which leads to some unexpected revelations.

Books by William Purser (samples available on Amazon)

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With the abundance of books in electronic form, the year 1998 saw the release of the first dedicated e-book reading devices. Since then, the popularity and number of e-Readers has exploded. Amazon announced in 2010 that sales of electronic books were higher than those for hardbacks, and by 2011 even paperback sales could not compete with the growth in e-book sales.

HIGGebooks converts manuscripts into e-books for viewing on Kindles, Nooks, iPads and other e-readers from PDF files, .docx or paper. Images and tables are customized for e-reader viewing. Quality control features include proofreading and testing navigation on an e-reader.