Rick & Kathy Higginbotham


Houston, Texas USA

Our mission is to adapt, convert and publish your written materials and oral presentations for mobile devices, tablets and e-readers. 
Our background... 
Rick  has over 25 years of experience in converting and enhancing various types of documents into digital formats, as well as creating e-learning products from live presentations utilizing his audio editing, animation and quiz development skills. 
Kathy  is a retired high school English and drama teacher, college speech communications instructor and life-long avid reader. Her writing and editing expertise form the core of our quality control and content management services, and her vocal skills can be utilized to enhance any voice-over audio required for e-learning projects. 
We want to help you... 
Do you have a project that requires one of our services?


Would you like to find out how you and your organization can generate additional revenue streams from your existing written materials and/or presentations? Adapting these resource materials for mobile devices can be very beneficial for both your employees and your customers.